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EPA Spill Requires Wastewater Treatment

Worker in a protective suit examining pollution
The Gold King Mine has had a waste spill into the Animas River in Colorado requiring urgent wastewater treatment. The spill dumped an estimated 3 million gallons of heavy-metal rich water into the river and caused the river to become a murky orange/yellow in color. While the extent of the damage that could be done to wildlife and the environment is still unknown, it is certain that the spill must be contained and cleaned up immediately.
The contaminants from the spill have already traveled over 100 miles from its Silverton origination to surrounding areas of New Mexico, and it has almost reached tourist town, Bluff, in Utah. The wells near Bluff, Utah that supply the city with water have been temporarily closed and filled with clean water tanked in from over 40 miles away. With the effects of this spill spreading very quickly, it is evident that a solution for catastrophes like this need to be created.
Advanced wastewater treatment is the most viable option to rectify situations like these. Many innovative companies have the ability to quickly remove wastewater from natural water sources to ensure the quality of the water is restored for both humans and animals.
Cortech brands and pumps offer solutions for advanced wastewater treatment in situations such as this. The scale of the spill will determine the exact parameters of pumps and equipment needed, but innovative technology and dedicated, environmentally conscious companies like Cortech are at the forefront of wastewater treatment technology. Cortech, and other similar companies, are always at the ready to rectify situations like the mine spill in Colorado to minimize the effects accidents like this have on the environment. To learn more about Cortech’s commitment to wastewater treatment, visit our website at cortecheng.com.