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Reduce Your Water Discharge Fee With Cortech

Wastewater is water discharge that has been used before and is no longer needed by the user. This includes all water that goes down our drains from our showers, sinks, toilets, and any other drains in and around your house. Once this happens, the water makes its way to wastewater treatment plants around the nation.
In addition to wastewater from homes, wastewater treatment plants also treat water from commercial and industrial buildings, as well. The job of the wastewater treatment plant is to remove debris and other matter from the water and then treat the water to make it usable again, generally, as potable water for irrigation purposes only.
Water that is used by commercial and industrial buildings is often water that is used in some sort of process they are completing; for instance, using water to cool down equipment. Not only does this use a lot of fresh drinking water, but it also costs the company a significant amount of money to dispose of what is now wastewater. One company in particular was dissatisfied with the amount of wastewater they created and the price of having to dispose of it. The company contacted Cortech to see what could be done about the situation.
After a thorough evaluation, Cortech was able to recommend an advanced separation system to separate contaminated solids from the water. This greatly decreased the amount of wastewater that was generated and their monthly cost of disposing the wastewater was decreased by 95%. Thrilled with the outcome, the company boasted of Cortech’s ability to save them money and make them more environmentally friendly, something they pride themselves on, at the same time.
If you think you could benefit from Cortech’s innovative techniques for reducing wastewater, contact us today. You can also take our survey here to determine if and how we can help.