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Food Waste and JWC Engineering Monster Industrial Grinders

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Food Waste and JWC Engineering Monster Industrial Grinders
If you’re in the hotel or restaurant industry, food waste does not have to be a loss for your budget. Cortech is proud to distribute JWC Engineering’s Monster Industrial Grinders to help with this very need.
Why should you choose one? There are many reasons. We have seen the following benefits impact many of our customers’ businesses. Waste disposal companies may charge less for waste separated for compost, or properly ground food waste can even be sold to local farmers, landscapers, and city departments. Grinding food waste, by the nature of having to deal with it again, will also help you review how much you don’t use–and thereby help you adjust your production and eliminate the cause of a portion of the waste. Recycling waste in this manner may also bring municipal tax write-offs, and, finally, there is the knowledge that you are practicing eco-friendly waste management, which can turn into a great PR benefit too.
JWC manufactures several grinders exactly suited to this purpose. Its 3-SHRED, 4-SHRED (the most popular model, which itself comes in three sizes), and 7-SHRED are twin-shafted, low-speed, high-torque shredders with 3-100 HP motors that can handle a wide range of waste volume. You can also create multiple stages of grinding by stacking the shredders. They have energy-efficient motors and easily install (or retrofit) into your facility. Besides food and organic waste, they can grind rags, clothing, plastic, and much more. For more depackaging and separation, consider the Zero Waste Monster. This model breaks open packaged goods, separates the liquid, and then cleans and compacts the packaging, which is then ready to be recycled. It can handle all kinds of liquids, gels, creams, and semi-solids in various plastic, glass, or metal containers, all with adjustable sizing of output material.
Wet or dry, JWC grinders can handle any application. The Southern California company, with more than 40 years of experience, is also known for its compact Muffin Monster grinders, adapted for sludge and sewage.
To get started on selecting the right grinder for your waste management needs, give the customer service representatives at Cortech a call. They’ll be happy to help your production reduce excess and become more eco-friendly.