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Seepex Pumps: The Simple And Compact Wobble Pump

This week we’ll be highlighting some of our most popular Seepex pumps to explain the features that may be applicable to your business needs. Today the wobble pump is in the spotlight, a cost-efficient and universal pump. It is used in many industries, including anything and everything from food and beverage, pulp and paper, and waste management, to oil, gas, and petrochemical. The W-series wobble pump is valuable to these industries, as it can handle liquids of many viscosities including those containing a high amount of solids.
Wobble Pump Features
Its simple design makes it easy and economical to maintain (see below). Short and compact, it requires little space to operate and has a flange-mounted drive. It conveys up to 10 cubic meters per hour (or 44 US gallons per minute) and can handle pressure up to 4 bar (or 60 psi). Like all BW-series pumps, it has a flexible stator with only one joint and does not have a steel jacket. The single rotating unit also allows for quick replacement.
Learn More
For more information, check out Seepex’s product description. The diagram displays a model of the wobble pump from all angles and will provide more in-depth information on the functionality of all its parts. For an interactive experience, watch the video diagram (below) of a disassembling pump and its components. The simplicity of its design will literally unfold for you.
Choosing the Right Seepex Product For You
Cortech distributes multiple products in the pump industry from Seepex. From among its eight product groups and 27 ranges, we offer the W, T, M, NS, BN, E, CS, CO, and D ranges for our clients in a wide variety of industries throughout Southern California and Nevada. Give us a call today, and our team of expert customer service representatives will guide you in selecting the right pump for your needs.