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Go Sealless with ANSIMAG Pumps

ANSIMAG is a Sundyne brand, and they are one of the leading manufacturers of sealless magnetic drive pumps for chemical processing and other demanding fluid applications. There are numerous benefits to having a pump with a magnetic drive system and a sealless design. In addition, ANSIMAG pumps are specially lined with Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) to provide superior corrosion resistance against aggressive process materials.

What is ETFE?

ETFE is a unique fluorine-based plastic. It is designed to handle a wide temperature range. It can stand up to harsh chemicals and other corrosive fluids that tend to damage conventional pump linings. Less wear and tear means a longer lifespan for the pump and critical internal components. When combined with a sealless pump design, you benefit from less corrosion and reduced risks of leaks or fluid contamination.

ANSIMAG Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

ANSIMAG has always been an innovator in the sealless magnetic drive pump market. They pioneer advanced designs and quality engineering. ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive ETFE-lined pumps are built to handle highly corrosive materials and chemicals. They can withstand temperatures up to 250°F (121°C) without corrosion. The durable ETFE lining and sealless pump design make ANSIMAG pumps ideal for chemical processing and other applications where leak prevention, emissions-free performance, and extreme corrosion resistance are critical for long-term success.

Another key feature of ANSIMAG pumps is the patented magnetic drive system. The magnetic drive and sealless design provide significantly more energy efficiency compared to mechanically sealed pumps with traditional pump drive motors. The magnetic drive is hermetically sealed to keep the magnets protected from the process fluid. The magnets maintain their integrity for the life of the pump. Between this and the lack of mechanical seals to replace, maintenance is simple and affordable with ANSIMAG pumps.

The rear casing design of ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive pumps eliminates eddy currents. This minimizes heat generation and reduces energy consumption during pump operation. They are available in horizontal and vertical pump configurations, with numerous size and capacity options. ANSIMAG’s latest innovation is the ALI Sealless Magnetic Drive ETFE Lined Pump designed specifically for ISO-standardized applications.

Sealless Pump Applications

ANSIMAG offers a line of sealless pumps that can be used for specialized applications. They are most commonly used in chemical processing operations such as agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, and chlor-alkali production. Here are some additional applications for ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive ETFE-lined pumps:

• Chemical Processing

• Hydrocarbon Processing (Downstream)

• Oil and Gas (Upstream)

• Water and Wastewater

• Aquatic and Marine

• Biofuels

• Food and Beverage

• Mining

• Pharmaceuticals

• Semiconductors

• Pulp and Paper

Your ANSIMAG Resource

If you want to learn more about ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive ETFA-lined pumps and see which pump system is best for your specific processing application, contact DXP Pacific today. We have been proud product partners with Sundyne and ANSIMAG for many years—along with all of the world’s best pump manufacturers—and we’ll find the right pump technology for your needs.