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What is Acceleration Demodulation?

Are you concerned about the condition of bearings in your pumps and other rotating equipment? A damaged, worn, or defective bearing could quickly bring down the entire operation and lead to extended downtime. Knowing the condition of your bearings can make a significant difference in equipment performance and overall system optimization. This is where acceleration demodulation (gD) can benefit your pump operation.

The Basics of Acceleration Demodulation

Numerous manufacturers have developed their own methods of demodulation technology throughout the years. The techniques, hardware, and software have continued to advance, and most of today’s demodulation sensor systems are reliable. They can accurately measure demodulated vibration signals across a high-frequency spectrum. Even the slightest variations and frequency inconsistencies can be detected to inform the operator when a bearing may be about to fail. 

The adoption of acceleration demodulation technology is increasing in the pump industry as the technology evolves. A high-pass filter is used to refine the waveform and remove any lower frequencies. Then a low-pass filter performs a fast fourier transformation (FFT) analysis on the refined waveform. From the operator’s perspective, all you need to know is an acceleration demodulation sensor system can enable identification of defective bearings.

Embracing New Pump Technology

Acceleration demodulation (also known as “acceleration enveloping” or “amplitude demodulation”) is an excellent preventative maintenance tool. It can be employed with other monitoring technology and sensor systems to catch potential problems. This enables you to address the issue and replace damaged parts before they cause serious equipment failure and production loss because of unexpected downtime. You know which parts need to be replaced and when to replace them. 

Acceleration demodulation is one example of how evolving technology is changing the way we manage pumps and other rotating equipment. The tools and techniques are more advanced and accurate than ever. Making the right investments in monitoring systems, computer automation, modern sensor units, and other pump system upgrades can streamline your operation. You can better optimize your equipment, extend the lifespans of your machinery, increase energy efficiency, and maximize uptime through preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring.

Finding the Best Solutions

You may not be quite ready for acceleration demodulation technology, or you may not even care how it works. What you do care about is your pump equipment and ensuring it runs well indefinitely. At DXP Pacific, we have all the technology you need for an optimized pump system. We can upgrade and fine-tune your existing equipment, or we can find the best pump equipment and monitoring systems to suit your specific application. We’re here for all your pump management and equipment servicing needs. Contact DXP Pacific today to explore what we can do for you.