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Handle Food and Pharmaceuticals with an AMPCO Lobe Pump

Rotary lobe pumps are very popular in food processing and in the pharmaceuticals industry because they are specifically designed to handle solids, slurries, pastes and a variety of other liquids that don’t process well in other types of pumps. Lobe pumps are excellent for solids handling because they don’t cause damage to the materials.
Advantages of Rotary Lobe Pumps
With the process materials being handled safely and without damage, food and beverage plants can operate more efficiently and produce better products. The same goes for pharmaceutical companies. Safety and hygiene are even more important in today’s COVID-19 climate, which makes rotary lobe pumps even more beneficial than ever. Workers want to feel safe and know they are putting out the best possible products. Consumers feel better buying from food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers who care about quality.
Rotary lobe pumps are able to provide either continuous or intermittent reversible flows. They can even operate dry for a short period if you utilize flush seals. The flow remains relatively independent of any process pressure changes, which allows for consistent and constant output. The products running through the lobe pump are not damaged because of its unique design that features large, non-contacting pumping chambers.
Ampco Hygienic Lobe Pumps
Cortech represents lobe pumps from several leading manufacturers. One of the best is Ampco Pumps Company based out of Wisconsin. They have been making exceptional pumps for more than 60 years and they serve markets across the globe with sales and assembly plants in both the United States and Germany. They stand behind their company mantra of “Redefining Engineered Excellence.”
This engineered excellence is found in their AL Series of Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pumps. These pumps are derived from the AL Sanitary Series and follow the same 3A and EHEDG standards for hygienic applications, making them ideal for processing foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals in today’s world.
Features and Benefits
Some of the key features in Ampco’s AL Series rotary lobe pumps include a 304 stainless steel gearcase, multiple rotor styles and allows, multiple seal options and multiple fitting options. Depening on your specific application, you can customize your lobe pump to produce the most efficient results. Ampco rotary lobe pumps are very cost effective and operate at high efficiency.
Ampco offers 10 different AL Series models and an endless variety of configurations to meet any hygienic food, beverage or pharmaceutical handling applications.
To learn more about Ampco AL Series positive displacement rotary lobe pumps or other hygienic pump options that are best suited to your pharmaceutical or food processing plant, contact Cortech DXP today.