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Flex-A-Seal Introduces the World’s First Two-Piece Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Flex-A-Seal, a company built on innovation, began in 1983 with a primary focus on welded metal bellows seals. They quickly grew into one of the top manufacturers of mechanical seals and sealing accessories. Today, Cortech DXP is proud to be a representative of Flex-A-Seal’s exceptional products. 
Flex-A-Seal Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal
Flex-A-Seal’s latest innovation: The Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal, world’s first two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal. The ingenious design means only two pieces need to be handled for installation. This allows for quick and easy installs—with minimal downtime for maintenance and repairs—proving that oftentimes, the simplest solution is the best. 
The brilliant engineering that went into the Style 85, however, is far from simple. Its effectiveness comes from the fact  both sealing faces are safely secured in the cartridge halves. Thus, the sealing faces cannot be cocked, chipped, or scarred during operation. Each mechanical seal released by Flex-A-Seal is completely assembled and thoroughly pressure tested before being shipped.
Flex-A-Seal currently offers two options for their split cartridge mechanical seal:
Style 85
The Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal installs by simply attaching the two halves over the shaft. The minimal, two-piece design eliminates the need for glue, shims, measurements, or special tools to install, and there’s no need to touch any sensitive lapped faces. It features a hydraulically balanced and stationary multi-spring design, while solids are kept away from the seal faces, allowing for faster speeds and higher pressures. You can throw anything at this seal—there is no risk of clogging and the sealing surface always stays strong .
Style 85M
The Style 85M Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal from Flex-A-Seal is designed specifically for mixers, agitators, centrifuges, and other rotating equipment. It features the same technology and easy installation as the standard Style 85. However, rotating equipment is often more demanding, and the 85M is built for the challenge. The performance and lifespan of a standard split-cartridge seal can be compromised under the considerably larger radial shaft run-out of mixers. Not so with the Style 85M, which handles the additional shaft movement and provides the long-term seal reliability you expect in your specialized equipment.
To learn more about Flex-A-Seal, the Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seals, or any of their other exceptional mechanical seal products, contact Cortech DXP today. We’ll help you get the right seal for the job.