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How Predict-Plus by PumpWorks Is Changing the Water Industry

PumpWorks always innovates in the pump technology field. Predict-Plus remote pump monitoring system is one of the most powerful inventions in recent years. This simple, yet powerful, device allows your pumps and other rotating equipment to talk to you. It’s one of the easiest ways to track equipment health and performance, and it can all be done remotely through the company’s cloud platform.

Predict-Plus is utilized throughout the water and wastewater industries, as well as many other PumpWorks equipment applications. It is ideal for any rotating equipment you want to remotely monitor through cloud-based software.

What is PumpWorks Predict-Plus?

Predict-Plus connects directly to your pump equipment. It has custom sensors inside to measure vibration, temperature, and other factors during operation. It is battery-operated and connects through cloud technology. Monitor the readings from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, and send proactive alerts when potential equipment problems are detected. It acts as your first line of defense against equipment failure. You can resolve issues before they lead to complete breakdowns and extended downtime.

Predict-Plus Features

PumpWorks Predict-Plus remote pump monitoring system solves the following problems with easy-to-use, cloud-based technology:

24/7 Monitoring—Predict-Plus is always on. It continually samples for data readings and watches for threshold violations. You can monitor the data in real time from a remote location.

Vibration Sensor—Predict-Plus features a sensitive vibration sensor. When fault conditions are present, an automated RMS vibration alert is generated. Then FFT harmonic data can be measured and analyzed to diagnose the issue.

Temperature Protection—Predict-Plus monitors temperature via an integrated thermocouple. Improper run conditions and temperature failure modes can be detected immediately.

Predict-Cloud—Access Predict-Plus data and alerts through Predict-Cloud software. This dashboard provides complete and proactive alerts and real-time measurements. You can also review historic data trends and generate reports to optimize equipment and refine your maintenance plan.

Advantages of Predict-Plus

Predict-Plus is the only wireless and cloud-connected machinery health monitor designed specifically for rotating equipment. It can be dialed in to meet your exact equipment specifications. Configure the alert thresholds you want, and the device lets you know when tolerances are being neared or exceeded. Automatic device registration can be performed on the cloud via cellular or Wi-Fi interface. Data can be stored for long-term analysis and trend identification regarding operating temperature, RMS vibration, and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Predict-Plus is affordable and adaptable for new and existing rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers, and shredders from PumpWorks and other leading manufacturers.

To learn more about Predict-Plus by PumpWorks and how it can benefit your water or wastewater facility—or any other industry or pump application—contact DXP Pacific today. Let our team determine if this system is right for your equipment monitoring needs. We can help you find the right monitoring and control technology for your pump system.