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How to Use Double Reverse When Laser Alignment Fails

Most pump engineers depend on laser alignment to complete the final stage of pump configuration once it’s set on a level base. Unfortunately, there are times when the laser alignment just doesn’t seem to cooperate. Because of this, it’s imperative to have a backup method to ensure everything is aligned correctly before final installation.
DXP Engineering’s Mark Fox (aka “Retro Mark”) put together a two-part video series on the topic of double reverse. Be sure to check out all of the Cortech DXP video resources here.
The Lost Art of Double Reverse
In these videos, Mark demonstrates how to use the double reverse technique when laser alignment fails to provide precise results. This method is a bit more old school and takes some time to master, but it is a tried and true way to manually correct pump alignment issues. Mark talks about using the correct dial that provides accurate measurements.
“The double reverse is not going to lie to me because the dials tell it like it is,” Mark says.
Setting Up Your Equipment
First, it’s important to make sure your dials are not wet, which can lead to improper functioning and inaccurate readings. Mark uses a custom rig on which to connect the dials—one on the front of the pump and one on the back. He then starts at 90 degrees and zeroes out the dials before turning the rig 180 degrees to measure the other side. Mark always starts his double reverse measurements horizontally. 
If the side-to-side measurements are out of alignment, he will gently adjust the footings, remeasure, and continue to make adjustments. He will zero-out the dials each time and flip the dial rig from one side to another until everything is in perfect alignment. It will take some back and forth until the desired tolerance is reached, but it is ultimately a highly accurate way to manually track the alignment when the readings provided by the lasers can’t be trusted 100 percent.
Horizontal vs. Vertical Alignment
The videos only show the horizontal alignment, but the same process will be repeated to fine tune the vertical alignment. Not every mechanic or engineer will take the time to do these extra steps of double reverse alignment, and many new-school technicians don’t even know how to do it. That’s why we at Cortech DXP are so fortunate to have someone like Mark Fox, who knows how to use technology when it’s advantageous, but can also use some older techniques to achieve the best possible results for our customers.
Be sure to check out Mark’s videos to learn more about the double reverse alignment method. For all your pump configuration, installation, maintenance and repair needs, count on the team at Cortech DXP to get the job done right—whatever it takes. Contact us today!