DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Faces of Cortech DXP—Tim Porritt, Service Coordinator

Tim Porritt joined Cortech DXP two years ago and currently works as our lead Service Coordinator. He’s responsible for coordinating all service and repair jobs for our technicians, while also handling a lot of day-to-day administrative activities. These duties include ordering parts and invoicing all completed jobs. 

In many ways, Tim is the glue that holds our service department together. “If I don’t order the correct parts or get the correct information for a job, it all becomes unglued!”

Getting the Job Done Right

With the importance of his role, it’s a good thing Tim brings a strong work ethic to the table. He takes a lot of pride in making sure things are done right so that there aren’t any problems when our mechanics go out in the field, or when pumps are brought into our shop for repairs and maintenance. 

Tim loves the communication and teamwork that drive the culture at Cortech DXP. He knows that everyone on the team has a voice among the highly collaborative company. “The people I work with make it an easy place to show up and do your job,” Tim says. “Everyone is friendly and helpful. The work itself is very gratifying when you complete a project and a customer is super happy with the work that you provided them.”

Service Experience

Prior to joining the Cortech DXP, Tim worked as Service Coordinator at Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning. He loved the customer-oriented approach of that company as well, but his position was eliminated and they were nice enough to give him plenty of advanced notice. After searching around, he came across an opening at Cortech DXP and it worked out perfectly. We sure are glad to have him on our team.

Life on the Lanes

Interestingly, before he worked at Service Champions Tim spent almost 20 years as a professional bowler. He traveled the country, competing in PBA tournaments, earning a good living as a top pro. Unfortunately, he developed a serious back injury that forced his retirement. Tim wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, though, and now he’s happy to have a rewarding “normal” job at a company he likes and a wonderful family life.

Family First

Outside of work, Tim’s life revolves around his family. He and his wife have a teenage son and two young daughters. They are very active within their church. Their favorite family pastime is going to Disneyland, and with annual passes they’re able to attend as often as possible. Needless to say, Tim is very much looking forward to the resort reopening soon.

Tim Porritt is just one of many incredible individuals who make Cortech DXP the company it is. Stay tuned to our blog for more employee profiles and get to know the people behind our business.