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Increase Volumetric Efficiency with Blackmer Rotary Vane Pumps

Blackmer, the world’s premier manufacturer of rotary vane pumps, has been in operation since 1903. Today, the Blackmer name is synonymous with energy efficiency, dependability and reduced maintenance costs. Applications include petroleum and liquefied gas, viscous liquids, volatile organic compounds and industrial process fluids. Industries ranging from commercial manufacturing to U.S. defense agencies have relied on Blackmer pumps for decades—a testament to Blackmer’s history of unparalleled performance.
How it Works
Blackmer pumps use a positive displacement design featuring a rotor with sliding vanes. Liquid is drawn in behind each vane, through the inlet port and into the pumping chamber. The liquid is transferred between vanes, before finally reaching the discharge outlet. Each vane applies a positive hydraulic and mechanical push to the process fluid.
The actuation of the vanes is attributed to three key forces:

  1. Centrifugal force provided by the rotation of the rotor.
  2. Push rods that move between opposing pairs of vanes.
  3. Liquid pressure entering through the vane grooves and acting on the rear of the vanes.

Rotary Vane Pump Benefits
Blackmer’s unique designs allow for a constant displacement of fluid volume with each revolution of the pump, ensuring pressure variances are negligible and energy-depleting turbulence and slippage are reduced significantly.
Self-adjusting sliding vanes mean improved performance over standard gear pumps. Gear pumps diminish in performance as wear affects the clearances. This necessitates increased pump speed, which in turn leads to greater wear. Blackmer vanes travel in and out of their rotor slots automatically, continually adjusting for wear. The result is consistent, reliable performance throughout the life of the vanes.
Class-leading volumetric efficiency is arguably the biggest advantage of Blackmer rotary vane pumps. The symmetrical bearing support requires significantly less horsepower than other positive displacement pumps, meaning energy savings of up to 30 percent per pump.
Ease of Maintenance
Because vanes can be replaced in mere minutes, Blackmer rotary vane pumps save valuable time and money. Blackmer pumps are self-priming and have dry run capabilities, while different sealing and seal-less options exist for specific applications. Blackmer pumps are built to last and are designed to deliver performance that is efficient, dependable and consistent.
For more information about Blackmer rotary vane pumps and sliding vane technology, contact Cortech DXP today. We’ll help determine which Blackmer pump will be best suited for your particular application.