DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

5 Tips for Industrial Pump Repair

When facing a daunting task, like industrial pump repair, Cortech Engineering understands that you need dependable and accurate performance. Why have equipment that doesn’t last long and requires a great deal of downtime? Our team has put together a few tips on how to maintain your pump systems for reliable operation.

  1. Preventative Maintenance and Repair for your Industrial Pumps
    When it comes to keeping equipment operating properly, it’s important to perform preventative maintenance. If one component fails, it can lead to further problems and increased downtime for repairs. Take preventative measures, such as recalibrating and adjusting pump systems, as well as replacing worn parts before they fail completely (especially seals, valves, heat exchangers, strainers, transformers, electrical connections, etc.). Cortech’s Preventative Maintenance program offers regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance and repairs to minimize downtime for your operation.


  1. Regular Inspections
    Along with preventative maintenance, testing and inspections should be a regular occurrence, whether it’s managed on- or off-site. Focus on a different system every day and take the time to walk around, understand how everything works, perform simple tests and go through each stage of the process so that you can ensure proper performance. Be proactive, because if you do not manage your systems, they will manage you.


  1. Precision Installation and Calibration
    At Cortech Engineering, we use high-tech laser alignment and machine grouting to make sure everything is installed, calibrated and adjusted to provide optimal performance. This helps prevent seal and bearing failures while also extending the overall lifespan of the pump and its components.


  1. Custom Skid Mounts
    Having a custom skid mount designed and installed specifically for your operation will make a huge difference. The pump can be set up, supported and situated exactly how and where you need it to be for the best possible performance. Cortech Engineering provides custom skid fabrication services that include building, delivering and installing customized skid mounts and equipment packages.


  1. Technical Support from Experts
    To run a successful operation, it helps to depend on the expertise of professionals who are specifically trained in maintenance and repair procedures for pump systems and equipment. Put the power of Cortech Engineering on your side for the best in preventative maintenance and 24/7 repairs and technical support. Not only can we help you find and customize the right pump for your specific application, but we can help you manage, repair and maintain your systems for excellent performance and long usage life.

For more information about Cortech Engineering’s maintenance, repair and consulting services, contact us today. We serve industrial facilities and municipalities through California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Bakersfield, San Diego County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.