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How to Choose the Proper Pump Coupling

Choosing the right pump coupling is often one of the most overlooked components of a pump assembly. Like everything else on the pump, selecting the right coupling for the application can determine the future of a pump’s lifetime performance.
To help you make the right choice, Cortech Engineering has put together the five factors to consider when choosing the proper pump coupling.
1. What SIZE Do You Need?
Determine the minimum outside diameter that you require to operate the pump efficiently. A properly sized coupling will help prevent damage from increased temperatures and avoid pump captivation when the pump is under heavy workloads.
2. What is the Maximum Operating TEMPERATURE?
Remember that coupling materials can degrade when dealing with extreme pressures and temperatures. Figuring out the maximum operating temperature will help you select the proper coupling.
3. What APPLICATION is the Pump Being Used for?
The pump’s application will play a large part in determining the best coupling. It will depend on what the application is, whether or not the coupling system needs to be detachable and if there is a high level of pressure or vibration involved in the application. All these factors are important to consider. The wrong coupling will wear out faster than the right one.
4. What is Your Process MEDIA?
Along with the general application, the media being processed is also extremely important to know. If you are dealing with volatile chemicals or abrasive/corrosive media, it will determine what type of coupling you need and what materials the coupling should be made from.
5. What is the Maximum PRESSURE?
Most industrial coupling systems are designed to operate in low-pressure environments. Always make sure and research the system’s maximum operating pressure before you decide on a coupling system.
You may notice we emphasized one word in each question above. That’s because it’s a simple tip to remember. When selecting a pump coupling, just think of STAMP (Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure).
For help with your pump system and determining the best coupling solution for your operation, contact Cortech Engineering today. We can find the right coupling systems for your specific industrial applications.