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Introducing the new IPM Systems Eliminator

The Eliminator is a complete polymer system solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also offers superior activation. The activation process is non-mechanical and benefits industries such as municipal wastewater, municipal water plants, and industrial facilities.

The Eliminator is designed for ease of operation and increased efficiency. It features an automatic flush system and non-mechanical operation. This reduces downtime and maintenance to save on what would be considered “normal costs.” In addition, the Eliminator easily accomplishes initial wetting with a high energy activation chamber and optimal aging with a low energy hydration chamber. The main component that would require regular maintenance are the valves, yet they are easily accessible to make changing them a simple and quick job.
In the real world, the benefits experienced when using the new Eliminator are astounding. Recently, the Wahoo Creek wastewater treatment plant in Georgia took the opportunity to test out the new Eliminator in their belt filter press solids dewatering process. They committed to a free one-month trial of the Eliminator to see if they noticed a difference between it and their old system. They began seeing results almost immediately. The Eliminator significantly reduced their monthly operations costs and reduced their polymer usage by 27%. Because the Eliminator is non-mechanical, it contributed to a significant decrease in energy consumption, as well. Their system utilized a local control package and a peristaltic tube pump. Due to the savings they incurred, the Eliminator has since been installed permanently and continues to not only save them money, but has reduced cake dryness and improved their process as a whole. With all of these benefits, it is estimated that the Wahoo Creek wastewater treatment plant will experience a 10-month ROI.
If you are looking to update your polymer system with something that will save your company a significant amount of money in maintenance costs, energy use, and downtime, the Eliminator is the way to go. Contact Cortech today to learn more and to order IPM Systems’ Eliminator for your polymer system.