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It’s Time to Get a Seepex – Join Over 100 Local Customers

If something goes wrong with your pump, you need it up and running again right away. Problem is, many companies struggle to get you the parts you need on time. Deliveries are slow, rescheduled, or delayed with little to no explanation. And if you can get something quickly, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re tired of waiting around for parts to get to you so that you can fix or maintain your pump system, then it is time to get a Seepex.
Seepex pumps are fully equipped to keep your systems up and running, whether you’re an industrial facility in Los Angeles or a manufacturer in San Diego or Riverside County. By utilizing state-of-the-art Smart Conveying Technology, a Seepex pump is extremely easy to maintain and any maintenance can be done in a fraction of the time. Some of the many benefits a Seepex provides are:

  • Less downtime
  • More production
  • Reduction in overall running costs
  • Significant time saver
  • Energy efficient

All of this is possible through the use of three innovative components:

  • Smart stator
  • Smart rotor
  • Stator retensioning segment

The smart sator is a huge time saver because it is divided into two parts allowing maintenance to be performed by a single person. In addition, the discharge piping and the suction do not have to be removed to perform maintenance. No special tools are needed to remove or replace the smart rotor, which is another time and money saver. Lastly, the adjusting segment makes adjusting possible in just minutes to allow the pump to flow at an optimal level if the pump’s flow has decreased for any reason.
If you need a reference, let us know today and we’ll connect you with over 100 satisfied local Seepex customers. Call now at 866-472-3959.
These are just a few of the major benefits to purchasing a Seepex. If you are a municipality in Bakersfield, California or a refinery in Southern Nevada in need of replacing a rotor, stator, or joint kit, Seepex is the way to go. The biggest complaint when buying one of these parts is the high sticker price, but you don’t have to worry about with Seepex, especially when weighing in the value of speedy and timely delivery, longer lasting parts, and cost savings from reduced maintenance. Plus, if you upgrade to a Seepex today, you will also receive a Three-Year Wear Parts Performance Guarantee – even more added value. Give Cortech a call today to order your new Seepex pump.
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