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Join Us at the 2018 KSB Maintenance Event at WEFTEC

WEFTEC is the world’s largest annual water quality conference and exhibition. It will be held this year between September 29 and October 3 in New Orleans. Representatives from Cortech Engineering and many of our pump manufacturing providers will be on hand taking part in this gathering of water and wastewater industry professionals
KSB Maintenance Event
A huge part of this event is the Operations Challenge, which is a showcase contest that pits teams of water/wastewater workers against each other in a series of real-world processing challenges. Regional qualifying events have taken place to narrow down the teams that will ultimately compete in the Operations Challenge at WEFTEC. It is basically the Super Bowl of water operations challenges.
KSB is always a huge supporter of the Operations Challenge and they organize the KSB Maintenance Event as a key part of the competition. They run Maintenance Events throughout the country during the year, providing the equipment and design the real-world challenges and scenarios that the teams must resolve as quickly and effectively as possible during the competition.
Some of the challenges include the simulated pump station, electrical control panel troubleshooting, safety and rescue challenges, maintenance exercises and clogging scenarios. These are typical situations faced by many water and wastewater operations, so the teams must be able to think on their feet and resolve the situations as quickly as they can. KSB is also using this event as a way to help promote their Conquer the Clog initiative designed to help operations more effectively manage and prevent clogs that can shut down operations and lead to costly issues.
KSB is proud to be a primary provider of equipment and challenge designs for the Operations Challenge and the regional KSB Maintenance Events. As a leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry,  they know how important it is to shine a light on these important operational concerns and showcase some of the country’s best talent who don’t always get the praise they deserve for the incredible work they do every single day.
To learn more about the WEFTEC event, click this link. For more info about KSB pumps and products, call Cortech Engineering today!