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KSB Helps Wastewater Operators Conquer the Clog

KSB is a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves and specialized processing systems for wastewater treatment facilities. In this industry, clogs are perhaps the number one source of downtime and frustration. That is why KSB is starting a movement called Conquer the Clog (#ConquerTheClog).
KSB is committed to helping clients experience clog-free operations. It starts with a systematic approach to evaluate the effectiveness of a wastewater facility. Then, it’s about designing and maintaining robust and reliable pump systems that will handle the volume and wastewater materials in your operation most effectively. From headworks to discharge, KSB is dedicated to minimizing the potential for clogs at your facilities.
Let’s take a look at KSB’s three-pronged approach to their Conquer the Clog solutions:
Clogging Challenges
Because of things like “flushable” wipes and other debris, wastewater systems are dealing with more clogging challenges than ever before. KSB understands that today’s wastewater requires a new way of thinking. KSB’s pumps are engineered by experts in Germany and specifically designed to handle the ever-increasing challenge of clogging in the 21st century. Their impellers are proven to meet the incredible demands of wastewater applications in North America.
Holistic Approach to Clogging
To deal with the challenge of clogging, KSB focuses on taking a holistic approach to design pumps, impellers and processing systems. This means looking at the “bigger picture” of how a system works so that diagnosing issues is more streamlined. The key elements of this holistic design style include:

  • Pump Station Design
  • Automation of Systems
  • Solids Separation
  • Hydraulics
  • Impeller Technologies

Pump Solutions
There are many different types of wastewater and therefore KSB offers many different types of pumps to handle specific applications. For example, their Amarex KRT pump has next-generation impellers while their Sewabloc wastewater pump features an F-max Enhanced Hydraulic System. Some of the other factors that need to be looked at when selecting the ideal pumps for your operation include:

  • 50 Hz vs. 60 Hz power systems
  • Seal technologies and options
  • Pump size, type and orientation

To learn more about KSB’s Conquer the Clog initiative and to get details about their specific pumps and systems that can help your wastewater facility eliminate clogging, contact Cortech Engineering with your questions. We’ll help you Conquer the Clog with the power of KSB!