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Need a Water Workhorse? Get a KSB Submersible Pump!

Submersible pumps are used in many different operations for a wide variety of applications. They can be found at wastewater management facilities, mining sites that need dewatering, and just about any plant where water, fluids, and sludges need to be moved. 

How it Works

A submersible pump (or sump pump) is submerged directly in a tank or reservoir, and is typically held in place near the bottom of the pool by a series of rails or wires. The inlet nozzle can be configured in different ways depending on the application, but it usually sits near the bottom of the pump to draw in water from its surroundings. The outlet sits outside of the tank, where it feeds into another reservoir or pipe system to transport the fluid to its next destination.

Submersible Pump Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs for submersible pumps depend on the type of fluids being processed. Clean water won’t result in blockages like wastewater, which has solids and other materials in the mix. Sump pump installation should feature a system that allows the pump to be pulled to the surface as needed for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and blockage removal. Cleaning blockages is never fun, but it’s part of life in the wastewater industry. Once the pump is cleaned, cleared, and ready to go again, it can easily be dropped back down into the water for continued operation. 

Choosing the Right Submersible Pump

With submersible pumps, it’s incredibly important to select the proper pump and configure it to handle your specific application. Without proper selection and configuration, there are increased chances of wasting time and money on maintenance, downtime, energy consumption, and damaged components. Not all sump pumps are designed to handle the same jobs. All factors need to be considered carefully, like how they are designed, what they’re constructed of, what types of materials they can handle, and how much they are able to process in a given day.

KSB Submersible Pumps

KSB Pumps is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible pumps ideally suited for many different water and wastewater applications. They offer a full line of submersible pumps with different designs and configurations to handle the toughest jobs. With the right KSB submersible pump at your plant and a strategic maintenance plan, you will operate more efficiently and enjoy dependable performance for the life of the pump.

Cortech DXP is proud to be a longtime dealer partner with KSB Pumps. We’ve been working with them for years and our clients know they can count on the always-dependable KSB submersible pumps. If you would like to learn more about KSB Pumps and their full line of submersible pumps, contact Cortech DXP or visit our website for additional information.