DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Karen Deshler, Sales Engineer

Karen Deshler joined Cortech in 2013 and is one of the top sales engineers at Cortech’s home office in Anaheim. Karen was the number one salesperson in 2018 and received the sales excellence award in January 2020. She has received numerous sales awards and accolades during her time with the company.

Experience and Passion

Having Karen as a leading Sales Engineer at Cortech DXP is great for a number of reasons. Karen brings more than 40 years of experience in the pump industry, in both customer service and sales roles. She spent 10 years at a pump manufacturing company before working another 23 years at a pump service and repair business. Karen has seen and done it all in the pump industry,  and she brings that valuable experience and knowledge to our clients. Everyone at Cortech DXP knows they can turn to Karen for helpful advice and guidance. She thrives on leading by example.

Beyond her years of experience, Karen also brings a unique passion for customer service. She goes above and beyond for her clients, making herself available seven days a week and taking calls whenever she’s needed.

“I want to be of service to people,” Karen said. “Customers always need something, so I am always available. I enjoy fulfilling the needs of clients, whether they need products, solutions, emergency repairs, or maintenance. When somebody needs something, I am going to be there to help.”

Finding Solutions

Karen enjoys working at Cortech DXP because two days are rarely the same. Cortech pumps are used in so many different industries and each new client presents a fresh challenge. Karen doesn’t mind that her clients continue to keep her on her toes. 

One of Karen’s longtime clients is a hospital. Year after year they experienced major clogs and pump failures during the holiday season. She got used to fielding their calls every year as they dealt with emergency repairs and maintenance. Eventually Karen convinced hospital leadership to install new pumps featuring macerators to eliminate the annual clogging issues. In the end, the hospital was able to save money and eliminate a number of headaches.

“What’s great about Cortech DXP is we represent all the most desirable pump brands,” Karen said. “We’re not just selling our customers one set of products. We’re able to find the right solutions based on their specific challenges and needs. It is also great to have the resources of DXP behind us. This company has so many good, experienced people. There’s always someone who knows the answer to any question. Our success is built on teamwork and collaboration. We have both the products and the services to back them up.”

More About Karen

Karen grew up in Los Angeles before moving to Orange County in 1996. She and her husband will celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary in September, and one of Karen’s two daughters recently got engaged. In her free time, Karen enjoys spending time outdoors, and she particularly enjoys being near the water—the beach is her favorite place. Her family also likes cooking and barbecuing in their custom outdoor kitchen, and hanging out in the pool year round. 

Karen Deshler is just one more reason we are so proud of the entire Cortech DXP team. Individuals like Karen make our company what it is.