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Blackmer GNX & GNXH Series Sliding Vane Pumps

In mid-March 2017, Blackmer announced the release of their new series of heavy-duty sliding vane pumps, known as the GNX and GNXH Series. These innovative new pumps represent the only alignment-free reduced speed positive displacement pumps available on the market.
About Blackmer
Blackmer is a part of PSG and a Dover company. They are well-known throughout the world as a leader in positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, regenerative turbine pumps and reciprocating compressors. Cortech Engineering has been a longtime product representative for Blackmer, so naturally, we were excited to see these great new pumps released.
Blackmer’s GNX and GNXH Series positive displacement pumps are designed with a larger operating range, which provides higher pressure and higher flows to handle difficult applications. More specifically, these pumps are manufactured for the transfer of non-abrasive and non-corrosive industrial liquids and petroleum-based materials.
Dynamic Pump Features
One of the great features of the GNX and GNXH Series pumps by Blackmer is the fact that they are self-priming. They use self-adjusting vanes in order to make this possible and maintain the self-priming function. In fact, they are the only alignment-free pumps that won’t be damaged during line stripping and self-priming stages while running dry.
A unique option on the GNX and GNXH Series pumps is the availability of a large, commercial-grade gear reducer. This enables you to run at a wider variety of operating speeds while maintaining precise flow settings.
Size and Specs
The initial line of Blackmer GNX and GNXH Series pumps feature 2- and 2.5-inch flanged port sizes. Blackmer has already announced that they will release larger port pumps (3- and 4-inch options) later this year. Flow capacities for the current smaller models range from 20 to 500 gpm and operate at pressures up to 175 psi. 90 and 180 degree options come standard on every GNX and GNXH pump, and they are designed to work for both stationary and portable applications.
To learn more about Blackmer’s GNX and GNXH Series pumps or to find other Blackmer pumps and products that are right for your industrial applications, contact Cortech Engineering today. Let our experts help you make the right decisions and get you the best pump for the job.