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The Water Treatment Pump Solution

Cortech Engineering has had a longstanding product partner relationship with BJM Pumps, one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. They provide quality pumps and accessories that are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and municipal applications.

A Pressing Challenge
BJM Pumps recently published a case study online about a major city’s water treatment plant that was in serious need of new pumps. The treatment plant in question provides drinking water to over four million people in and around the city. They extract fresh water from a nearby river. However, a lot of silt and sediment is also collected, requiring the use of a submersible pump under the clarifier that directs the solid materials out of the water and into a sludge digester.
When the clarifier sump pump at the plant started to get weak after many years of use and abuse from such abrasive materials, the treatment plant was referred to BJM Pumps for a replacement. The old pump’s impeller had worn out, there were holes in the volute and there were other clear signs that the lifespan of that pump had run its course. In fact, it was time to consider a different type of pump altogether.
The Right Solution
The BJM Pump that was recommended was typically used for mining applications. The KZN Submersible Slurry Pump (Model #KZN55-230T) was ideal to handle this specific water treatment challenge. It is a heavy-duty submersible pump, which is built to deal with very abrasive slurries.
This pump features a chrome iron agitator, which enables better suspension of the abrasive materials. The chrome iron semi-open impeller is also key because it is proven to handle solids as high as 70% without clogging. In addition, the chrome iron wear plate would counter the erosion effects. These features along with many others made the BJM KZN Submersible Slurry Pump ideal for this municipal application.
The city approved the pump and installed it in 2014. Since then, it has performed exactly as hoped. Over the past two years, the water treatment plant has installed three more BJM KZM pumps for other sumps at the plant. It just goes to show how satisfied they were with their first BJM Pump.
Your BJM Pumps Resource
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