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New Grundfos CR Pumps: The Intersection of Efficiency, Reliability, and Versatility

For more than 45 years, Grundfos CR pumps have led the way in vertical inline multistage pump technology. Their latest generation of pumps—models 95, 125, and 155— features optimized hydraulic designs, from impeller and guide vanes to inlet, discharge port, sleeve, and diffuser. Plus, a reduced footprint means not only efficiency, but also reduced installation costs. 
With a history of unrivaled research and design, Grundfos CR pumps exemplify reliability. Each pump is individually tested before it leaves the factory. Simulation design is state of the art, as are the materials, testing, and production of every pump component. Reimagined features reduce pump downtime and result in lower operating costs.
Grundfos CR pumps were already the most modular pump program in the world. With the latest generation, even more features and options have been added, including higher pressure, lower NPSH, and the use of standard motors. And, of course, the new CR models are available as combined systems with dedicated CUE frequency converters, and as boosters systems.
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