DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Christian O’Cana, Sales Engineer

In our ongoing “Faces of DXP Pacific” blog series, our goal is to share some of the incredible individuals who make up our company. They are the heart and soul of our business, and it’s because of our people that our clients have such trust in what we do.

Meet Christian
Today, we would like to you to meet Christian O’Cana. He is a Sales Engineer based out of our Bakersfield branch. He handles key sales duties by dealing directly with our customers, understanding their needs and solving their equipment problems. Christian has now been with DXP Pacific for 7 years. To see how much he has grown professionally throughout the years has been truly amazing.

Christian spent several years working in restaurants, but knew he wanted to find a more industrial job. His mom recommended that he reach out to his uncle, Marc Sanchez (owner of DXP Pacific), and see what kind of job opportunities there were in our company. Christian certainly paid his dues, starting with doing whatever grunt work was needed around the office. Eventually, he started writing up sales orders for the other Sales Engineers. He proved to be a natural at the sales side of things, and now he’s one of the top Sales Engineers in the company!

Building Character
Christian isn’t afraid to admit that he had some rough times growing up, but ultimately his personal experiences helped shape the man he is today. “It helped me build my character,” he says. “I learned to take things as they come and no matter what, never stop fighting to be better!”

One of Christian’s biggest strengths as a Sales Engineer is his ability to relate to people. He takes the time to listen to customers and understand their needs and frustrations. Then, he sees his role as a problem solver. “I learn all their headaches as an operator, and then I help find them the DXP Pacific Advil that will provide the right relief,” Christian comments.

Positive Energy
Christian clearly brings a great deal of positive energy to everything he does, and he’s every situation as a new learning opportunity. He’ll never forget when he got his first company truck—a beat-up 2005 Ford F-150—and was asked to deliver a pump to a client just a few blocks away from the shop. Because it was such a short drive, Christian didn’t think it would be necessary to tie down the equipment. One step on the brake pedal later and the whole palette slid forward in the bed, sending the pump discharge straight through the back window of the truck. It was an embarrassing moment that he’ll never live down, but Christian definitely learned his lesson. Ever since then, he has kept ratchet straps in his truck at all times.

Fast forward to recently when he took on a major project for Grimway Farms. They needed to reengineer their entire cooling and washing system. 12 pumps needed to be completely overhauled and a whole new system needed to be designed. In just 5 weeks’ time, Christian and the DXP Pacific team had everything ready in time for harvest season.

Finding Solutions
What Christian loves about working for DXP Pacific is the fact that we provide solutions and have exceptional resources to back up our service. “Our gathered knowledge and years of experience is incomparable,” Christian says. “We want to provide solutions to customers’ pump issues. Our breadth of resources is the largest in the nation compared to any other pump distributor.”

In his free time, Christian loves spending time outdoors. Camping and fishing are two of his favorite hobbies, and he loves any excuse to head up to the mountains. Christian has lived in Bakersfiend since he was 3 years old, so it’s nice having the Sequoias and Sierras a fairly short drive away. His sales territory spans from Fresno down to Taft and all the way out to Ridgecrest, so he knows the entire Central Valley like the back of his hand.

We are so glad that Christian joined our team and has worked so hard to move up the ranks in our sales department. If you are in the Central Valley and in need of pump installation, maintenance or repair services, contact the DXP Pacific team today for the best solutions.