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ODS Diaphragm Pumps Offer Simple Operation and Dependable Performance

FLSmidth and Krebs Engineers produce one of the best air-operated diaphragm pumps on the market, the ODS Pump. It manages a wide range of liquids and slurries, has a leak-free operation, and a sealless design. The ODS is built for long-lasting performance and heavy-duty processing applications.

Many operators find the ODS diaphragm pump superior to centrifugal and helical screw pumps for certain applications, offering simple control and predictable performance with an evenly distributed power transmission. The ODS weighs more than standard air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, constructed to withstand tougher operating conditions. As a result, it gets the job done when other pumps can’t handle the demands.

Which Materials Can the ODS Pump?

The ODS diaphragm pump can process just about any materials without shearing, cavitation, corrosion, and other common concerns with standard pumps. Some examples include:

            • Shear-sensitive liquids

            • Abrasive and corrosive slurries

            • Delicate crystal slurries

            • Highly viscous liquids and slurries

            • Slurries with large solids

            • Air-entrained slurries

            • Highly volatile slurries

Advantages of the ODS Diaphragm Pump

Below are some key advantages of the ODS diaphragm pump. This pump is a workhorse you can count on for years to come!

  • Optimized Efficiency—Automate the ODS for maximum process efficiency based on the specific capacity and process requirements of the application.
  • Run-Dry Capability—The ODS can operate dry for an indefinite period. No seal can fail, no stator that will burn out, and no air binding.
  • Sealless Design—There is no seal in the ODS design, allowing leak-free operation while preventing outside contaminants from infiltrating the process slurry.
  • Simple Maintenance—Once installed and running properly, the pump requires minimal maintenance and monitoring. This makes it cost-effective to operate and simple to maintain.
  • Adjustability—Seamlessly adjust the ODS Pump during operation for capacity and discharge pressure, keeping it optimized despite changing conditions.
  • Built to Last—The ODS diaphragm pump can handle temperatures up to 200°F, slurries with up to 75% solids, corrosives, abrasives, and other challenging materials that might damage or clog other pumps.
  • Minimal Particle Degradation—The ODS utilizes a rhythmic plunger-type action. This reduces particle degradation, even with some of the most sensitive process materials.

How the ODS Pump Works

A positive suction head (inlet pressure) is required to fill the pump cavity through the inlet valve, allowing the diaphragm to return to its natural convex position, sending air out the exhaust port. A secondary discharge valve is seated by line pressure and will prevent any slurry from returning to the pump cavity.

The discharge stroke is achieved when compressed air is released into the chamber above the diaphragm, creating a gentle and consistent pumping action, preventing shearing and damage to even the most delicate slurries.

ODS Configuration Options

There are some options available beyond the standard ODS diaphragm pump model. FLSmidth offers a spring-assisted version that uses a spring-actuated rod which allows for self-priming and higher suction lifts. The air-cylinder-assist ODS pump features an air-cylinder-actuated rod that provides optimized performance for suction lifts to 20 feet. To learn more about the ODS diaphragm slurry pump and other great products from FLSmidth and Krebs Engineers, contact DXP Pacific today. Let us help you find the right pump for your specific application and the proper configurations for optimized performance.