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Pitbull Pumps Show the Advantages of Simple Design

You don’t have to have an overcomplicated design to have a quality pump. The core physics of pumping have not changed. Yet, many pump designs have evolved to have so many complex features, especially when it comes to handling solids and debris in wastewater and slurry applications. Some of these features are nice, but are they really necessary?
Keeping it Simple
Pitbull Industrial Pumps is out to prove that an excellent pump can still be simple in design. The advantages of a simpler pump are clear. They are easier to install and maintain with less complicated components that can fail on you and cause massive downtime. They also aren’t as expensive as pumps that have more features than you’ll ever need.
Now, when we say simple, we’re not talking stone age technology. In fact, Pitbull Pumps are very technologically advanced. They have perfected a simplified pump design that works very effectively. A Pitbull Pump consists of a hollow chamber design with 2 check valves. There are no impellers, seals, diaphragms or electric motors to wear out and fail on you.
How Pitbull Pumps Work
The pumping power of a Pitbull Pump comes from compressed air acting directly on the liquid to provide the motive force. The liquid is drawn into the hollow chamber during the inflow cycle. Compressed air then discharges the liquid to complete the outflow cycle. The only two moving parts are the intake and outflow check valves. This process provides proven performance, exceptional durability, a long lifespan and very minimal maintenance requirements.
Most plant operators struggle to pump liquids with solids, debris, corrosive chemicals or slurry qualities. This causes the pumps to clog often and wear out quickly. Pitbull Pumps use their simple pneumatic design, which allows virtually any kind of liquid or solids to flow through its wide-open passages without fear of clogging. You won’t have to keep shutting down for repairs and maintenance of worn out seals, impellers and other parts that are usually damaged when dealing with such harsh process materials.
Other Advantages
Pitbull Pumps are also explosion-proof by design. Electric-driven industrial pumps require a lot of care and attention to prevent explosions. That makes them more expensive to install and maintain. The Pitbull Pump has no motor and causes no sparks, so it is inherently safe for explosion-proof environments. Compressed air acts like a piston to send the materials through the pump and it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. As you might guess, Pitbull Pumps are also very energy efficient.
To learn more about Pitbull Pumps and their simplified pneumatic pump technology, contact DXP. We can help you determine if a Pitbull Pump is best for your plant, and we’ll get you set up with the right pump system configuration, installation and maintenance. Call DXP today and put the power of Pitbull Pumps to work for you!