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Product Feature: The SEEPEX Macerator

When it comes to municipal and industrial waste water applications, you can’t go wrong with a SEEPEX macerator. SEEPEX macerators are designed to specifically macerate solid and fibrous materials in pumped products. In other words, they chew through materials that would cause blockages and malfunctions in traditional pumps.
By using a macerator, difficult solid/fibrous materials are broken down, minimized and handled with ease. That’s how the SEEPEX macerator earned its nickname as “The Big Minimizer.”
Advantages of SEEPEX Macerators
SEEPEX macerators have direct and indirect advantages, including:

  1. Increased Operational Safety: By minimizing solids and fibrous materials that are being pumped through the system, there are fewer chances of clogs and other hazardous problems in other pumping equipment.


  1. Longer Lifespan of Downstream Equipment: Without solids and fibrous materials coming through, other downstream pumps and equipment will encounter less strain. That means fewer breakdowns and increased lifespan on this downstream equipment.


  1. Reduced Operating Costs: When there are fewer breakdowns or problems occurring, that means there’s less downtime for making repairs or replacing worn-out equipment. SEEPEX macerators typically pay for themselves over time.

SEEPEX Macerator Product Features
SEEPEX macerators can handle flow rates of 8.8-660 USGPM. They feature assorted output speeds and shear plates with various-sized openings to better control macerating functionality.
Additionally, the entire cutterhead assembly is designed as a cartridge that is simple to replace. These macerators are available in two ranges with two sizes each:

  1. Range I – An inline design for direct attachment to a SEEPEX pump or installation within a compact pipeline. Integration of a heavy solids collection separator with two large cleanout openings.


  1. Range U – This is a universal design for installation in either a vertical pipeline or a supply tank with direct connection to a SEEPEX pump.

SEEPEX macerators are valuable to any municipal and industrial waste water application. These macerators are easy to maintain and consume less energy than other macerating technologies.
To learn more about SEEPEX macerating technology and how their macerators can help your wastewater or other industrial pump system, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll get you the information you need and help you find the right SEEPEX macerator for your application.