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INOXPA – A Cortech Product Partner

INOXPA is one of the world’s premier pump and pumping product manufacturers, and they are a longtime product partner with Cortech Engineering. The company is known for its high-quality craftsmanship, innovative designs and exceptional customer service. Continue reading to learn more about who they are and what products they have to offer.
Founded in Spain, INOXPA built their reputation in the Mediterranean region, but have continued to grow their presence around the globe. Today, INOXPA has established over a hundred distribution points around the world and has been recognized as a global force in the pump industry.
INOXPA’s specialty is the manufacturing of stainless steel components. Their product lines include pumps, agitators, blenders, valves and other pump systems and accessories. Due to their design and engineering processes, INOXPA products hold deep value. They are built to last and stand up to the most demanding industrial pumping applications. Their stainless steel components and sleek designs are easy to keep clean, making their products ideal for food and beverages.
INOXPA serves many industries and applications, which include food processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical. The INOXPA company is always innovating new ideas and improving their designs to reach more markets, ensuring that everybody knows the incredible quality associated with the INOXPA name.
When you employ INOXPA pumps and other processing products in your line, you will benefit from ease of use, minimal downtime and simple maintenance. Their products are built to exacting standards to ensure quality results. And if you do encounter issues, INOXPA is very well known for its excellent customer service, providing help when you need it.
Looking to get the right INOXPA pump or accessory for your specific applications? Our team at Cortech will help you make the best decisions and walk you through all your INOXPA pump options. Let our engineer experts be your guide to pump selection and implementation. Contact us today for more information on INOXPA or any of our other pump manufacturer partners.