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Pump Highlight: PRIMEROYAL™ Series Metering Pumps

Milton Roy (sometimes referred to simply as MilRoy) has been a leading manufacturer of pumps since 1936. They are one of the top companies when it comes to metering pumps, and their PRIMEROYAL Series sets the standard. Impressive engineering and quality construction make these metering pumps among the most popular on the market. And we would know, because Cortech sells and services many PRIMEROYAL Pumps.
Durable and Dependable
The key feature of the Milton Roy PRIMEROYAL Series of metering pumps is its robust gear mechanism, which is durable and dependable no matter the working conditions. These pumps are commonly used in chemical dosing applications and other operations with demanding process fluids.
Modular Customizations
Another important feature of the PRIMEROYAL Series is their modular design. They are easily adjusted and configured for compatibility with a wide range of liquid ends and to achieve specific flow rate capacities. A modular design gives operators complete control, exactly what you want in a metering pump.
Performance Features
Milton Roy puts special attention into the design and construction of their PRIMEROYAL pumps. They are built to provide continuous operation and minimal maintenance downtime. Other excellent features include a leak-proof high-performance diaphragm, optional liquid end materials depending on your application and a variable eccentric drive mechanism.
With the modular metering pump design, many different options are available to allow the pump to be configured to meet precise performance requirements:

  • Diaphragms to handle different PSI ranges
  • 316 stainless steel, Alloy 20, PVC, PVD and Hastelloy liquid end materials
  • Custom liquid end materials upon request
  • PRIMEROYAL Frames that can run up to 16 pumps from one motor
  • Turndown ratio control
  • Capacity adjustment through pneumatic actuator, electronic actuator, variable speed or manual control

With all these options and variations, you have a metering pump that is highly controllable and predictable. We’re talking flow rates anywhere from 18 GPH and 5,000 PSI with the standard PRIMEROYAL L Frame all the way up to 3,979 GPH and 30,000 PSI with the advanced PRIMEROYAL R Frame configuration. The possibilities are truly endless!
PRIMEROYAL Pumps at Cortech Engineering
To learn more about Milton Roy PRIMEROYAL Series metering pumps and to customize yours with all the right options and variations for your specific process application, contact Cortech today. We know pumps. Our team will guide you to ideal metering pump for your operation.