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Sump Pump Solutions for Your Application

Submersible pumps work in demanding conditions and generally are critical to an operation. Few businesses can afford the kind of downtime that comes from problems with a sump pump. Usually, one small issue leads to another. Before long you have a huge mess on your hands. This leads to more complicated repairs and, unfortunately, even more downtime.
Submersible Pump Solutions
When a submersible pump problem arises, you need fast solutions. This means a troubleshooting and repair plan to minimize downtime. This means having a sump pump supply partner you can trust. Sometimes, it can feel like you are always chasing your tail with constant maintenance, repairs and parts replacements. If the equipment is poor to begin with, then you are bound to lose a ton of productivity. A robust solution can mean upgrading to superior equipment to minimize the risk of failures in the future.
Cortech Engineering is the sump pump solutions partner you can count on, and BJM Pumps is the manufacturer that we trust to provide the best submersible pump equipment on the market.
Factors to Consider 
When buying and configuring the ideal sump pump for your application, you should consider a numer of factors:

  • Duty Cycle—Also known as “starts per hour,” meaning the number of times in an hour that a pump is able to start and stop.
  • Pump Material—Sump pumps can be made of cast iron, stainless steel or other speciality materials. It’s important to find the right one to handle your process liquids and environmental conditions.
  • Flow Rate, Temperature and Total Dynamic Head—Every operation should match its sump pump to the system’s desired flow rate (gallons per minute), maximum fluid temperature, total dynamic head and other performance standards.
  • Process Materials—The stuff the pump will move—water, chemicals, sewage, solids—often goes a long way toward determining the right pump for the job.
  • Pump Failure—Before you buy a new sump pump, first understand why your current one is failing. This will help you avoid the same issues and mistakes.

BJM Submersible Pumps
BJM Pumps offers a wide variety of submersible pump designs that can be configured to handle specific applications. From standard sump pumps for simple jobs to corrosion-resistant pumps of all sizes, you can get what you need for maximum production and minimal downtime.
Cortech is here to help you with all your sump pump solutions. For more information about BJM Pumps submersible pump products, as well as other leading manufacturers, just give us a call. We show you all your options and find the ideal pump for your operation. Contact Cortech Engineering for the best in sump pump support.