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Resources to Help Optimize a Pump System

Most engineers want to optimize their pump systems for many different reasons, and one of the biggest challenges to doing so is knowing where to start. Sometimes the thought of optimization is overwhelming because there are so many things that can and should be done to a pump system to make it better and more efficient. But, there are a multitude of resources available to make the process easier, including contacts for finding help about where to start and how to proceed.
While many private companies are able to assist companies in optimizing their pumps systems, it can be more comforting to first do a bit research independently through unbiased resources. Two of the most reliable and well-known sources are the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) and The Hydraulics Institute (HI).

  • The DOE advocates for reduced energy usage and increased performance, particularly in steam, pumping, compressed air, and process heating systems. They offer a wealth of information to aid companies in meeting these standards. They also offer information on plant assessments to see where your system could benefit the most from improvements, technical resources to use online, and tips on energy management. One of the great services the DOE provides is a network of Allied Partnerships. The partners volunteer with the ITP and are sanctioned by the DOE to help others in optimizing their pump systems to become more energy efficient.
  • In addition, HI provides educational resources and training materials to help companies optimize their pump systems and understand the cost of pump ownership and usage. HI focuses on standards and statistics to help people better understand the capabilities and downfalls of pump systems. They create and distribute many publications with valuable information on how to best optimize any pump system.

With these two essential resources, optimizing a pump system will become much easier. And when it comes time to get working on optimization, the experts at Cortech can help with any questions that come up. Armed with valuable research is priceless, but sometimes it necessary to speak with a live human being to fully grasp and understand what is best for your particular pump system. Cortech engineers and representatives have been optimizing systems for almost 30 years and look forward to helping you optimize your pump system, as well.