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Sundyne Launches LMV-801s

Cortech Engineering is exited to announce that we are now carrying Sundyne’s newest LMV model—the 801s. This pump offers our clients in Southern California and Bakersfield, California some exceptional benefits.
Sundyne recently launched its new LMV-801s, a vertical, low flow, and sealless magnetic drive pump. The range includes pumps based on the HMD Kontro GS drive, is built to API 685 specification, and is suitable for heavy-duty applications. This pump combines the time-tested technologies of Sundyne Barske Wehel hydraulics with the HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive, boosting efficiency to make sure plant operations run smoothly. In addition, the LMV-801s offers flexibility in the diffuser and impeller, which can be upgraded should the duty need to be changed without replacing the pressure casing.
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