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Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps from ANSIMAG & HMD Kontro

Sealless magnetic drive pumps are very popular in the chemical processing industry. The sealless technology eliminates leak risks, which are crucial in chemical transfer applications. These pumps do not have seals that can wear out with time or be compromised because of excess heat, pressure, corrosion, or other challenging operating conditions. Therefore, the dangerous chemicals can’t leak into the environment, and external contaminants cannot seep into the pump and affect the process fluids.

ANSIMAG and Kontro are brands within the Sundyne family, leading manufacturers of sealless magnetic drive pumps for the chemical processing industry and other pumping applications where sealless technology is beneficial.

ANSIMAG Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

ANSIMAG designs sealless magnetic drive pumps ideal for chemical processing and downstream refining applications. All wetted parts in their sealless pumps are molded with specialized ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) materials. ETFE components can provide high corrosion resistance and retain strength over a wide temperature range—up to 250°F or 121°C.

ANSIMAG’s magnetic drive system is fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed to isolate its inner magnets from the process fluid, maintaining magnet integrity over the pump’s life. In addition, these pumps are safe and reliable for chemical processing with leak-free performance and exceptional energy efficiency compared to mechanically sealed pumps. Thanks to a unique rear casing design, no eddy currents are generated during operation. As a result, excess heat generation is eliminated, reducing energy consumption. The sealless design also means there are zero costs when it comes to seal maintenance.

ANSIMAG offers several excellent sealless magnetic pumps in their catalog:

            • ANSIMAG K+

            • ANSIMAG KM

            • ANSIMAG KMLF (Low Flow)

            • ANSIMAG KF

            • ANSIMAG KV (Vertical)

            • ANSIMAG KP (Self-Priming)

            • ANSIMAG ALI (ISO)

HMD Kontro Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

Sealless magnetic drive pumps from HMD Kontro feature many distinctive design traits for optimized reliability, energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and environmental protection. They are easy to install and maintain, and the sealless design provides leak-free performance. By design, mechanical seals allow small fluid leaks to keep the seal faces lubricated, causing environmental concerns when pumping hazardous liquids and harsh chemicals. In addition, the seals can wear out, weaken and fail with time and use. They require continuous attention and maintenance. Sealless technology from HMD Kontro eliminates these concerns with mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps.

HMD Kontro sealless pumps can handle some of the most demanding chemical processing applications, including hazardous materials, toxic fluids, fine materials, corrosive liquids, and aggressive fluids. Their pumps meet all standard industry regulations, including API, ANSI, DIN, ATEX, and ASME.

HMD Kontro pumps also feature an advanced magnetic drive system with fully encased components that provide reliable power and a longer lifespan. Here are some of their sealless magnetic drive pump series:

            • HMD Kontro CS/CSA/CSI Chemical Service

            • HMD Kontro GTA/GTI General Transfer

            • HMD Kontro GS General Service (Frame 0, 1 and 2 Options)

            • HMD Kontro GSP General Service Petroleum API 685 OH2

            • HMD Kontro HPGS High Pressure General Service

            • HMD Kontro HPGSP High Pressure General Service Petroleum

            • HMD Kontro SPGS Self-Priming General Service

            • HMD Kontro GSPV General Service Petroleum Vertical

            • HMD Kontro GSPZVS General Service Petroleum Vertical Suspended

            • HMD Kontro LMV 801S Line Mounted Vertical

            • HMD Kontro GSPLF General Service Petroleum Low Flow

            • HMD Kontro GSPX General Service Petroleum BB5 API 685

            • HMD Kontro GSV General Service Vertical (Frame 0 and 1 Options)

            • HMD Kontro GTV General Transfer Vertical

As you can see, there are many different types of specialized sealless magnetic drive pumps from ANSIMAG and HMD Kontro. Contact DXP Pacific to learn more about their products and to find the best pump for your chemical processing plant.