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SEEPEX Metering Pumps Deliver Precision

When you have viscous media, media containing solids and/or chemically corrosive media, you need a pump that can provide low pulsation and perform at consistently precise flow rates. Ideally, you want something that works dependably—down to the exact drop!


SEEPEX offers its incredible D line of metering pumps to achieve this kind of precision, durability, and dependability for such demanding processing applications. SEEPEX metering pumps are proven to provide a metering accuracy of +/-1%, which will make a huge difference for your operation when you need it most.


SEEPEX metering pumps achieve a conveying capacity of 0.06 L/H to 1,000 L/H (or 0.016 to 264 GPH) and pressure up to 48 BAR (700 PSI) They are designed with a highly adaptable modular system, which allows for quick and easy conversion. Low pulsation pumping can be managed with extreme accuracy, which is so important when dealing with difficult media that other pumps may struggle with. SEEPEX has different material combinations available to work with all types of conveying products. Multiple drive combinations are also possible with SEEPEX metering pumps.


Depending on the media you are processing and the conveying capacity you require, SEEPEX has a variety of pump models to choose from:


Smart Dosing Pump – Ideal for thin to highly viscous media, as well as solids and corrosive liquids. Integrated PLC enables standalone operation in distributed control systems.


MD Range – For use with low to highly viscous media, as well as shear-sensitive and chemically aggressive media. A short, compact design with a directly flange-mounted block type drive.


MDP Range – Also for low to highly viscous media, along with shear-sensitive and chemically corrosive media. Features a single-part, jointless and wear-resistant rotating unit made of special synthetic material.


MDT Range – For highly viscous products with low flowability. This is an open-hopper pump with a compression zone and auger feed screw.


MDC Range – Also for highly viscous media with low flowability. This metering pump meets the highest hygienic standards and provides exceptional corrosion and wear resistance.


MDTC Range – Another option for highly viscous products with low flowability. Open hopper pump design with a unique cylindrical/conical compression zone and specialized auger feed screw.


SEEPEX is the name to know when dealing with media that require low pulsation and reliable flow rates. Their metering pumps are top of the line and Cortech Engineering is here to help you find, configure, install and maintain the best SEEPEX metering pump for your operation. Contact us today for more information and assistance.