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Tackling Tough Jobs with Cornell Slurry Pumps

Processing slurries and fluids containing solid materials can be tough work. These are among the most demanding applications in the pumping industry. Milling, mining, manure slurries, wastewater and abrasive chemicals present many challenges. You need a slurry pump that can handle the job with reliable performance and extended durability.
Cornell is a leading pump manufacturer with a specialized line of slurry pumps to tackle these difficult processing applications. They developed their patented Cycloseal® technology specifically for their slurry pumps. This allows the pumps to run without flush water, which is a huge advantage in slurry applications.
Cornell offers three different series of pumps to meet your needs:
SP-Series Pumps
These slurry pumps are ideal for the mining process industry. They utilize the Cycloseal design to solve abrasive application problems through the mill process. SP-Series pumps can be configured with a rubber or metal lining to handle various particle sizes and pH requirements. There are seven different models in the SP-Series, ranging from a 2” discharge port and 3” suction head up to a 12” discharge port and a 14” suction head. Depending on the pump, solids handling ranges from 1” up to 3.5”.
MP-Series Pumps
These slurry pumps are specially designed to handle coarse abrasives such as manure, sand, coal and mine dewatering. They provide a long and dependable service life and also use the Cycloseal technology. Other features include oversized shafts, CD4MCA impellers and thick volutes that allow it to operate in very harsh conditions. Six MP-Series models are available, ranging from 2” discharge port and 3” suction head up to 8” and 10” respectively. Solids handling ranges from .5” up to 4”.
SM-Series Pumps
Cornell’s SM-Series are hard metal slurry pumps with a standard pressure rating of 600 PSI for high-head and multistage pumping applications. These pumps use a high-chrome white iron alloy as the standard construction material for wet end components. The newly patented Cycloguard feature allows for the suction wear plate to be adjusted, which reduces recirculation and increases wear life. Two models in the SM-Series range fro a 3” discharge port and 4” suction head up to 4” discharge and 6” suction. Solids handling ranges from 1.1” to 2”.
To learn more about Cornell’s exceptional slurry pumps and to configure the right pump for your specific mining or slurry application, contact Cortech Engineering today!