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Seepex Open-Hopper Pumps: The perfect pump for thick liquids

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The Seepex T-series of open-hopper pumps is designed for viscous products that do not flow easily due to their thick consistency and high content of solids. In these cases, the open hopper and auger screw guide the entry of the product into the pump (or pumping section).
The open hopper varies in size to accommodate all kinds of media and can be augmented with a single or double paddle shaft to prevent the bridging of the product across the auger. The pitch and the diameter of the auger feed screw are also variable according to application. Pumps in the BTH range have a separately-driven (and reversible) ribbon auger, and pumps in the BTM range are equipped with cutting knives. All the pumps have easy-to-change rotors and stators, and some include inspection ports.
What industries can use the T-series?
If you are in the any of these industries, you will likely find a T-series pump useful:

  • agriculture
  • biogas industry
  • brewing and distilling
  • ceramics
  • confectionery
  • construction
  • dewatered sludge treatment
  • dough processing and baking
  • dyeing and varnishing
  • electroplating
  • fish processing
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • poultry and meat processing
  • oil, gas and petrochemical
  • shipbuilding
  • sludge dewatering
  • stock preparation
  • textiles
  • waste water and sludge treatment
  • wood processing
  • wine production

Learn More
For a detailed description of the whole T-series of open-hopper pumps, as well as the features of different sections of the series design, view our product group profile. For even more information visit Seepex’s website or watch this video demonstration of an open-hopper pump in action.
Finding the right Seepex product for you
Cortech is proud to distribute the Seepex T-series open-hopper pumps. Whatever your industry and specific application, call one of our customer service representatives, and we’ll find the right one for you.