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SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pump Technology

After operating a pump system for a long time, you are ultimately faced with a choice. As parts fail, you can keep replacing them with OEM parts or Moyno universal parts. Although the cycle of emergency repairs may work for a little while, eventually the downtime begins biting into profits. The longer you run a pump, the more problems there will be and the more maintenance and repairs will add up.
The other alternative is to make an upgrade. Pump technology continues to evolve in amazing ways, so sometimes the best approach is to step into today by replacing your old, outdated pump with a new one.
SEEPEX Pump Innovations
SEEPEX is at the cutting edge of pump technology development. They set the standard and continually breaking the mold with their numerous progressive cavity pump patents. Ever since their beginnings in 1972, SEEPEX has been an innovator in the market, always striving to push the envelope with rigorous research, innovative engineering principles and bold new pump designs.
A SEEPEX progressive cavity pump is a unique type of rotary positive displacement pump. These pumps feature an off-center rotary motion that comes from a distinctive geometry between the rotor and stator forms. The design creates strong suction on the pressure side to effectively and efficiently transfer the process liquid. SEEPEX specializes in customized solutions as well. Custom rotor/stator geometries can be supplied based on your specific application and flow rate requirements.
SEEPEX Pump Features and Benefits
The benefits of SEEPEX technology are plentiful. The pumps are self-priming with high-suction lift and high discharge pressures. The flow works almost independently of the system pressures, which results in continuous flow with very low pulsation. In addition, the direction of the rotation is reversible for maximum versatility.
Beyond just the innovative engineering with the rotor/stator geometry in SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps, the quality of construction is another aspect that sets SEEPEX pumps apart. Their rotors and stators meet the highest quality requirements and deliver high efficiency. The result is minimum wear and effective corrosion resistance. This means the pumps last longer and require less maintenance time, which leads to better production for your operation.
The SEEPEX Difference
SEEPEX also employs other innovations in their progressive cavity pumps. Some additional features include their Smart Seal Housing (SSH) for simple mechanical seal maintenance, Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) for optimized performance, and Drive Joint Access (DJA) for intelligent maintenance of open hopper pumps.
When you are ready for a pump upgrade, SEEPEX is leading the way with innovative ideas and groundbreaking pump designs. To learn more about their pumps and to customize one for your operation, contact Cortech Engineering today. We can supply an entire new pump before your replacement parts even arrive from Moyno. Now is the time to step into the future of pump technology with SEEPEX.