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Selecting the Right Pump for Handling Raw Sewage

Pumping raw sewage is unpleasant work, but it must be done. It can be a challenging process that puts a lot of stress on the pump and other equipment with chemicals, solids and a mix of waste materials flowing through the system. Clogs can happen easily and lead to a lot of costly downtime for the wastewater operation. The last thing you want is raw sewage flooding your facility!

What to Look For

When it comes to raw sewage, not just any pumps will do. You have to select the right pump for the application and configure it to handle the wastewater running through your plant. Every sewage system may be a little different and require specialized equipment such as shredders. However, there are three core qualities that are critical for a pump that will process raw sewage:

• Non-Clogging—You need a pump that is resistant to clogging from solids and mixed materials that are typically found in untreated sewage. The right pump will be able to transport the wastewater out of the sumps and reliably get it to the treatment facility.

• Reliability and Durability—Pumping raw sewage and hazardous materials puts enormous stress on a system. You need a pump that is reliable and durable to withstand the demands of your operation and minimize downtime for repairs and maintenance.

• Continuous Duty—Many raw sewage plant operators will be looking to run their pumps continuously, with minimal interruption. This avoids clogs and backups. You will want to find a pump that is rated for continuous duty and designed to run for long periods of time.

BJM Submersible Sewage Pumps

BJM Pumps is one manufacturer known for developing excellent heavy-duty pumps for wastewater and raw sewage operations. From submersible shredder pumps, which destroy any solids before they flow through the primary system, to corrosion-resistant, triple-sealed pumps that continually process the fluids at desired flow rates, BJM knows how to deal with some of the toughest applications. Cortech is proud to sell and service a full range of products offered by BJM Pumps.

Cortech Pump Expertise

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