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How BJM Shredder Pumps Help to Avoid Pump Repair and Submersible Pump Failure

Pump failure is a common problem at wastewater facilities. Non-biodegradable solids buildup can bring an operation to a grinding halt. The submersible pump will clog and ultimately fail, leading to increased downtime for repairs and maintenance.

The good news is there are ways to manage the challenges presented by solids buildup in wastewater operations. Here are five suggestions from Cortech’s engineers for how facilities managers can reduce the likelihood of submersible pump failure:

1.    Cut Through Tough Solids with a Shredder Pump

Cortech is pleased to be an authorized supplier and repair provider for BJM Pumps, a leading manufacturer of submersible shredder pumps. Shredder pumps are specifically designed to shred non-biodegradable solids. The right BJM shredder pump in a system cuts through problematic solids, obliterating them into small, passable bits. This prevents buildup, clogging and submersible pump failure.

2.    Use a Check Valve

A check valve attached to the discharge port of a pump is a cost-effective and simple solution if back-flow is one of the reasons your submersible pumps are clogging. A check valve prevents the backflow of fluids or solids that otherwise can re-enter the pump and hinder its operation. Check valves can enhance the operation of a system in other ways as well.

3.    Find the Right Size Pump

Some submersible pumps can process a certain amount of solids, but failures occur in the discharge line as solids fall out of suspension due to inadequate flow velocity. A correctly sized pump is necessary to achieve recommended minimum velocity in the system. BJM offers a wide line of shredder pumps and submersible pumps that can be configured to ensure your operation has the pumping capacity, flow rate and discharge velocity you need to prevent solids buildups and back-ups of any kind.

4.    Install and Check a Seal Fail Circuit

Another smart idea is to install and then periodically check a seal fail circuit. This device monitors the presence of moisture in the seal chamber. They are easy to install and maintain, and they serve as an early warning measure against water or solids leaking into the pump motor and causing catastrophic pump failure. Be sure to ask about BJM’s Seal Minder seal fail circuit.

5.    Heavy-Duty Pumps for Demanding Applications

Fluids with high chemical concentrations, salt water, high temperatures or non-biodegradable solids all will put an incredible amount of stress on any submersible pump. BJM submersible pumps and shredder pumps are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron and stainless steel to handle the most demanding applications. Always make sure your pumps are made of the right material for your operation’s needs.

For more information about BJM shredder pumps, seal fail circuits, check valves and other ways to maximize the performance of your submersible pump at your wastewater plant, contact Cortech today. We can help you minimize solids buildup, reduce downtime, prevent major repairs and get the most out of your operational pumps.