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Extend Pump Life with These Mechanical Sealing Options

Mechanical seals prevent leaks and the introduction of contaminants between a pump’s rotating shaft and the pump casing. There are many different styles of mechanical seals. They come in all sorts of sizes and configurations to work with different pumps and fluid media. Some are rather simple in design, while others are much more complex. […]

What Seal is Best for Cryogenic Temperatures?

Cryogenics involves the study of how matter behaves at extremely low temperatures. In some cases, these temperatures might approach absolute zero as liquefied gasses, refrigerants, coolants, low-temperature hydrocarbons and other cryogenic liquids are used to create very cold environments with stable chemical reactions.   The Challenges of Cryogenic Sealing One of the biggest challenges in […]

An Unconventional Balancing Method for Your Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are very important in pumps. There are various types of mechanical seals that perform specific functions within a pump. Keeping these seals in good working order is crucial for pump efficiency and equipment longevity. Maintaining proper seal balance is one of the key features of any good maintenance program.   What is Mechanical […]

How Mechanical Seals Can Solve Unique Pump Problems

The use of mechanical seals is not right for every pump application, whether due to materials incompatibility or other factors. But mechanical seals can be extremely useful in some situations. In fact, they can solve a number of unique pump problems faced by operators in a variety of industries. Our team at Cortech Engineering is […]