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The Cure to Winter Flooding: Submersible Pumps

Cortech is a major supplier of submersible pumps. Submersible pumps can be used at the commercial scale as well as for smaller residential properties. Submersible pumps come in many different sizes and capacities, and it is important to consult a pump expert at Cortech to determine the correct pump for your needs.

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As we are in the throes of winter, many people are experiencing firsthand the floods that come with the season. It is important to be prepared for winter flooding, and one way to do this is with a submersible pump. They are submersible, like their name implies, and are housed in an airtight casing that keeps them from being damaged by water. They are installed under the potential water level and begin to pump out water when it reaches a certain limit. Automatic submersible pumps are equipped with a small float indicator that signals the pump to turn on when it and the water reach a certain height. Manual submersible pumps are also available and can be turned on whenever the user deems it necessary. No matter which type of pump is used, it will begin to pump the water to a designated drain when the water level reaches a critical point. This helps to avoid water damage to the building and surrounding items.
While many submersible pumps are used during times of heavy rainfall, they can also be used year round if your area is susceptible to slow water ingress. Doing this will decrease humidity which can lead to mold and mildew growth; two things you definitely do not want anywhere near your home.
For more information about submersible pumps and which one would be right for you, contact Cortech today to speak with a pump expert. With the many brands and types of pumps that Cortech offers, you are sure to find the pump that is perfect for your application.