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What is a Submersible Pump?

Cortech offers many different submersible pumps from a wide range of respected and well-known pump manufacturers. Submersible pumps are some of the most popular and necessary pumps available across all industries. But, what exactly is a submersible pump?
A submersible pump is one that has been designed to enable it to be submerged in liquid. Submersible pumps combine both the pump and the pump motor together so that they can be enclosed and sealed. This allows the pump unit to be submerged in liquid without causing it any damage. One of the main advantages of having a submersible pump is that it prevents pump cavitation. This occurs when there is a high elevation difference between the pump and the liquid surface. By submerging the pump directly into the liquid, this problem is eliminated. In addition, a submersible pump pushes liquid to the surface of the application, which is much easier and more efficient than a jet pump that pulls in liquid.

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Submersible pumps come in two different forms: a submerged pump and a submerged motor or a submerged pump with a dry motor. In the former form, both units are enclosed and sealed allowing both to be submerged in liquid. In the later form, the pump itself is installed inside the liquid while the motor is connected to the pump by way of long shaft. Either method is efficient and effective as the pump is able to be submerged into the liquid it is pumping.

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Finding the right submersible pump for any particular application can be a daunting task. Customer service representatives at Cortech are knowledgeable and available to answer any questions about submersible pumps before one is purchased. Cortech also has one of the broadest arrays of submersible pumps on the market today to ensure that the right pump can be found with just one phone call. Call Cortech today to learn more about submersible pumps.