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The Faces of Cortech DXP—Trisha Jenkins, Customer Service Representative

Trisha Jenkins is one of several expert customer service representatives at Cortech DXP’s Anaheim office. She handles a wide variety of administrative duties as she interacts with the customers, sales and accounting staff, outside vendors, and service team members to coordinate jobs and place product and service orders. Trisha enters orders, completes invoices, and helps track down parts for service jobs. She essentially does a little of everything to help keep the business running smoothly.

Service Background

Trisha joined the Cortech DXP family about two years ago. Before that, she held a variety of administrative and merchandising jobs. Trisha worked as a contract administrator for a mechanical contracting company in Washington state. She also holds the honor of working at both Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. 

The Power of Teamwork

What Trisha enjoys most about working at Cortech is the strong team dynamic. All the customer service representatives work closely together and she knows she can always get the answer she needs from anyone on the Cortech DXP team. Trisha can turn directly to the service staff if a customer has a specific mechanical question or request, and she can depend on the accounting or sales staff to help her with an invoicing issue.

“We work together to create a cohesive team atmosphere,” Trisha said. “Not only do we deliver and take accountability for our actions, but also our customers are able to reach us. We all understand the value of exemplary customer service, and teamwork is essential to keeping customers happy.”

The Problem Solver

If you spend a few minutes talking to Trisha, you will quickly learn how passionate she is about customer service. She takes her job seriously and finds fulfillment in being able to help customers solve any problems that arise. Owning, operating, maintaining and repairing pumps can be frustrating work. Trisha likes to create a calm and honest presence while making sure people get the correct answers and information.

“If I can’t help you, I will find someone who can,” Trisha said. “I feel honesty goes a long way. When you say you are going to do something, you do it.”

More About Trisha

Trisha grew up in Chino and earned her BA in Psychology from Cal State Fullerton. (Go Titans!) She spent several years in Alaska and Washington before deciding to move back to Orange County. Outside of work, Trisha enjoys scrapbooking, swimming, going to the beach, and spending quality time with her friends. She also loves just relaxing at home with her cats and binge-watching some good Netflix shows.

Trisha represents what the Cortech DXP service experience is all about. We put our customers first and we believe in the power of teamwork. She is truly an essential part of what we do every day.