DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Faces of DXP Pacific—Nick West, Service Technician

Nick West is a Service Technician at our Bakersfield branch. He spends most of his days out in the field, working on repair orders, maintenance jobs and equipment installations for our clients. Nick also works in the shop as needed, applying his excellent mechanical knowledge and skills wherever he is needed.

Finding and Fixing Problems

A Service Technician needs a natural ability to identify mechanical problems and know what it takes to repair the issue at hand. This describes Nick perfectly. Growing up, he was the kid who always liked to take stuff apart, figure out how it worked and then try to put it back together. His first real introduction to heavy duty mechanics was when he got his first car, a 1959 Ford Ranchero.

Nick still owns that car (or is it a truck?) today, and he loves tinkering on the engine and other mechanical components to keep it running like a champ.

Career Path

Nick joined the DXP Pacific team after working for some other small pump companies and valve shops. He immediately saw the difference of working with a bigger company. DXP offered access to more resources, better training and a much wider line of different pump equipment manufacturers. Nick also values the team-oriented culture here.

“It’s a good work environment,” he says. “Everyone gets along. It makes work not so hard to do when you actually enjoy the people you work with and what you are doing. Everyone is trying to help everyone else.”

Making a Good Impression

Nick also realizes that he and his fellow field technicians are in many ways the faces of the company. They are the DXP Pacific team members that clients see when repair and maintenance job orders are requested. “I’m out there every day with the customers,” Nick adds. “Part of my job is to maintain a positive partnership. Relationships go a long way when you are trying to get repeat business. You have to build relationships to keep them coming back.”

More About Nick

Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two kids (one son and one daughter). He also loves to work on old cars, whether it’s his classic Ranchero or other hot rod builds for other people in the area. Nick was born and raised in Tehachapi, but moved to Bakersfield for more work opportunities. We’re glad that he made that move because it ultimately led him to a career with DXP Pacific. Nick is one of many people who make our company great.