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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Extended Pump Life

All mechanical equipment requires maintenance from time to time. It’s a simple fact. Preventative maintenance is vital to keeping your pumps operating efficiently and effectively. The right maintenance can help the equipment enjoy a longer lifespan, while also potentially preventing major damage and repairs. There’s a good reason we call it preventative maintenance!

Setting Your Maintenance Schedule

Some pump maintenance procedures can be performed in-house, while others may require a professional touch. At Cortech DXP, we provide ongoing pump maintenance and repair services for many customers. We follow routine maintenance schedules and are always on-call if emergency repairs are necessary. 

When it comes to pumps, it’s critical to maintain a consistent maintenance schedule. Just like you get your car’s oil changed and tires rotated every 5,000 miles, you want to follow a set maintenance plan for all pumps, components, and mechanical equipment at your plant. The maintenance recommendations are usually provided by manufacturers in the owner’s manuals, and Cortech DXP engineers can provide advice and guidance to help you plan out an effective preventative maintenance schedule. 

Pump Maintenance Checklist

The first step is to establish a pump maintenance checklist so you know what work will need to be completed and when. Here are some examples of what should be on the checklist, depending on what type of pump(s) you operate:

• Mechanical Seal and Packing Inspection 

• Inspect and Clean Filters

• Inspect the Couplings

• Check and Tighten All Mountain Points

• Check and Adjust Pump Alignment

• Electrical or Motor Inspection (Especially Motor Vents and Windings)

• Replace Damaged Seals or Hoses

• Leak Inspection

• Hydraulic Fluid Check

• Lubrication of Motor and Pump

• Test Flow Rates and Controls

• Bearing Check

• Inspect the Impeller

• Clean the Input and Discharge Ports

The Benefits of Proper Pump Maintenance

Performing proper maintenance on your pumps will lead to a number of key benefits:

  1. Longer Pump Life—You want your pump to last as long as possible. Taking the necessary maintenance steps and making repairs when necessary will keep it running longer.
  2. Better Pump Performance—Your pumps will simply perform better when they are properly maintained.
  3. Improved Energy Efficiency—Whether running on fuel, compressed air, or electricity, you can keep the pump running as efficiently as possible through preventative maintenance.
  4. Avoid Costly Downtime and Repairs—Major pump repairs can be expensive, and the extra downtime can also cost a lot. Taking the time to shut down briefly for scheduled maintenance can potentially save money and prevent headaches in the future.
  5. Safety—The pump should operate more safely when properly maintained. There are fewer breakdowns, instances of hazardous material leaks, and mechanical failures that could be dangerous to your staff or the environment. 

Pump Maintenance & Repair Services at Cortech DXP

If you want pumps that last longer and operate better, a strategic preventative maintenance plan is key. Cortech DXP has you covered. Our pump maintenance plans and repair packages help you get the most out of your pump equipment for as long as you own it. Contact our team today to learn more about our maintenance services.