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The KSB MegaCPK Delivers Safe Chemical Pumping Performance

Chemical pumping applications present numerous challenges. The top concern is always safety. Once safety is assured, a consistent flow rate and durability in tough conditions are of paramount importance. Naturally, leak-free operation is critical. Mistakes like a hazardous chemical spill can be costly on so many levels.
Introducing the KSB MegaCPK Pump
KSB is a leading pump manufacturer. Their top-of-the-line MegaCPK pump is one of their most powerful designs. Though it is well-suited for a wide range of applications, it is destined for greatness in the chemical and petrochemical industries. It is designed for dependable performance and is built with chemical processing safety in mind.
The MegaCPK is a standardized pump that offers ideal flexibility because it can easily be adapted to local conditions. It provides reliable operation and raises the bar when it comes to energy efficiency. The hydraulic components are optimized to reduce wear-and-tear while minimizing energy use, even though this pump generates plenty of pumping power.
Let’s look at some of the MegaCPK’s key features:
Energy Efficiency – The MegaCPK packs a lot of power into a smaller and more energy-efficient design. The impeller is trimmed based on individual customer and plan specifications. The high-efficiency PumpDrive system saves up to 60% of energy consumption. A proprietary PumpMeter component provides real-time monitoring of the pump’s operating efficiency.
Reliable Operation – The MegaCPK features a rigid pump construction that generates only a small amount of axial thrust. The optimized hydraulics produce low NPSH while the pump runs smoothly and quietly. This leads to predictable and reliable results, as well as longer pump life.
Diverse Modular Design – The MegaCPK is based on a unique modular design system. It can be adapted to any customer’s needs. Options include variants in hydraulic systems, impeller/casing types, pump materials and shaft seals. There are endless sizes and configurations to handle even the most demanding chemical applications.
Get the Right Pump for the Job
If you have a chemical or petrochemical operation and are looking for a pump that can efficiently handle your processing needs, look no further than the MegaCPK pump from KSB.
To learn more about the MegaCPK and other excellent pump products and accessories from KSB, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you select and configure the ideal pump for your specific chemical application.