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Exploring Blackmer’s Cavitation Line of Sliding Vane Pumps

Blackmer is a top pump manufacturer that is always pushing the envelope. Over the years, they’ve brought us numerous innovations that have helped revolutionize the pump industry. One of their most notable concepts has been sliding vane technology.
Blackmer’s sliding vane technology maintains consistent flow rates over long periods because the design allows the pump to self-adjust for wear. Performance is sustained and operation is trouble-free. At the same time, the unique sliding vane design also provides incredible dry-run and self-priming capabilities you won’t find in other pumps.
How it Works
Sliding vane pumps from Blackmer are engineered with numerous vanes, which can slide in and out of slots located in the pump rotor. The vanes are moved outward in their slots as the rotor turns to create centrifugal force. Some Blackmer sliding vane pumps are designed with push rods and/or pressurized fluid to move the vanes. As the vanes move, they bear against the inner bore of the pump casing. This creates pumping chambers.
Fluid then flows into the area between the vanes as they pass the suction port. The process liquid is then directed around the pump casing until it reaches the discharge port, where it is ultimately discharged. This process is extremely efficient and reliable, and the sliding vane technology self-corrects over time to compensate for wear. In short, sliding vane pumps result in less downtime for maintenance, repairs and adjustments.
Blackmer’s Line of Sliding Vane Pumps
Blackmer offers several different lines of pumps that utilize the innovative sliding vane technology. This includes the Cavitation Line, the Heavy Duty Line, the Stainless Line and the Iron Line. In this article, we’d like to highlight the Cavitation Line of Blackmer sliding vane pumps.
LGL Series Sliding Vane Pumps – These positive displacement pumps are ideal for use in LPG and NH3 applications thanks to the external bearing rotary vane design. They offer energy efficiency, low maintenance costs and sustainable performance.
SGL Series Sliding Vane Pumps – When it comes to specialty gas applications (refrigerants and other liquefied gasses), the SGL Series has eliminated the need to choose between expensive pumps that do a reliable job and inexpensive ones that don’t. These ductile-iron pumps provide the dependable performance you need and can withstand challenging conditions.
CRL Series Sliding Vane Pumps – Blackmer’s line of ductile-iron recirculation pumps are used primarily in liquefied CO2 applications. These pumps were designed specifically based on requests from major CO2 marketers who wanted a more durable pump that could handle higher working pressures.
Cortech is Here to Help
As you can see, Blackmer offers a wide range of different pumps that incorporate the sliding vane technology and can handle many different industrial applications. To learn more about Blackmer sliding vane technology and see more pump models, contact Cortech Engineering today for additional information and help in selecting the right pump for your operation.