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Wastewater into Drinking Water: A Ventura Company’s Sustainable Solution

The Ventura Water Pure Potable Reuse Facility has developed a system that safely and effectively takes wastewater and turns it into pure drinking water. They need to get the public on board with drinking water that was previously wastewater, but they are up to the challenge! The company has set up a small scale version of their treatment plant in Ventura to introduce the public to their quality system, allow them to see everything in action, and receive a sample of the water. The scaled down version of their larger, full service facility was paid for by grants to help them educate the public on their groundbreaking technology that could end our desperate need for water now and in the future.
Ventura Water’s wastewater utility manager, Gina Dorrington, states that their plant in Orange County is producing 20 gallons of pure drinking water per minute. Considering the severe drought we are experiencing, their process is becoming the most sustainable solution for drinking water in our future. Overall, the facility is producing about 70 million gallons of pure water every day. By creating a solution that reuses wastewater, the impact on the environment and our lives is substantial. And this is just one plant. By informing the public about this new technology and enabling the company to roll out a plan that would supply fresh drinking water using their system, the increased revenue, both profit and government grants, would allow the development of many more like it. The amount of fresh drinking water that could be produced is almost unfathomable.
Cortech stands behind any company that is working for the greater good of our planet and our people. In the midst of our current water crisis, Cortech understands the need for a company like The Ventura Pure Potable Reuse Facility to help replenish our water supply in creative, yet safe, means. Cortech offers a wide range of industrial pumps that can be and are currently being used in the production of pure water from wastewater. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about these pumps and would love to get you the pumps you need to help with the drought effort. Give us a call today at (714) 779-0911.