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Flowserve Acquires CALDER AG and Expands Desalination Capabilities

With the drought in California at the forefront of many minds, companies and individuals alike are searching for ways to make fresh drinking water more readily available when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate. California is not the first, nor will it be the last, place on Earth to be in dire need of water. Long-term solutions are often sought after. Flowserve recently acquired CALDER AG and together hope to greatly improve, if not solve, this issue on a large scale.
Flowserve has an extensive line of products that aid in the desalination process of seawater, but those capabilities were greatly expanded with the addition of CALDER AG to their ranks. The Swiss company specializes in desalination using a reverse-osmosis desalination process. Together, these companies have delivered equipment and systems for desalination that have proved to be reliable, corrosion-resistant, and energy efficient. Their simple, yet effective designs allow the company to operate efficiently both in the amount of fresh water they are able to produce and in regards to operating expenses.
While CALDER AG specializes in desalination through reverse osmosis, Flowserve is here to help you no matter what process you use. Flowserve products and equipment can help you overcome tough operating conditions and increase your efficiency. With water quickly becoming a scarce and necessary commodity, the desalination capacity will double in the coming years.
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