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Watch this new SEEPEX Video!

We present one of our product manufacturers, Seepex of Bottrop, Germany. With more than forty years of experience and an extensive network of international offices, Seepex makes progressive cavity pumps, macerators, and control systems for state-of-the-art quality management systems for a variety of industries. Its modular system comprises eight product groups and 27 ranges, and we offer the W, T, M, NS, BN, E, CS, CO, and D ranges for our clients’ needs here in California and Nevada.
Seepex has recently created a video comparison of one its products that we have featured here for our clients. Seepex invited fourteen US wastewater treatment plant operators to disassemble and then to reassemble two pumps in a blind test, the Seepex Smart Conveying Technology and Mono/Moynos Easy Strip. The test is a rotor and stator change-out, a routine maintenance operation. In the video, you’ll see ten of those fourteen participants, representing three different plants, including Springfield, Ohio and Madison, Alabama.
One of the operators from Springfield states that it took three times as long to change out Pump 2 as Pump 1; an operator from Alabama calls Pump 1 “five times easier” to change out, which his team did twice while the other team struggled on the first pass on Pump 2. Spoiler alert: all of them prefer Pump 1, which turns out to be the Seepex. To those who know, of course, the segmented, modular construction attests that Pump 1 is of Seepex design, whereas, as one of the operators reminds us, the other pump requires extra space to slide off its outer case, which may not always be sufficiently available in the field.
As real professionals demonstrate, Seepex is the preferred pump design, and, always aiming to provide the best products and solutions, Cortech is proud to offer Seepex too.